Alan Reid gets apology for Argyll & Bute from the BBC

Following the news that the BBC had insulted Argyll and Bute. Alan Reid MP has extracted an apology from the BBC for the "dismissive” way a reporter referred to Mid Argyll where our beavers live.


From BBC News

In 2008, the Scottish Government approved a five-year trial re-introduction of the European beaver to Scotland after an absence of more than 400 years. We have covered this story ourselves:
The reporter referred to these beavers by stating in the course of his live presentation from the banks of the River Otter in Devon:
‘There is a population up in Scotland, the difference there though is that they’re out in the middle of nowhere – but there on the River Otter, as you might be able to see, quite close to civilisation, the town of Ottery St Mary just here.’
We accept that the phrase ‘in the middle of nowhere’ may have sounded dismissive, which was not the reporter’s intention.   He was trying to convey that the Scottish beavers are in a more remote, rural, location than the Devon beavers, where the town is close to the river, rather than making a general comment about the area.  We are sorry for any upset that may have been caused.

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