Boundary Commission Proposals are "ridiculous"

Alan Reid, Liberal Democrat candidate for Argyll & Bute, has slammed the ward boundary proposals for Argyll & Bute Council as "the most ridiculous he has ever seen" in a submission to the Boundary Commission.

Mr Reid said, "These ward boundary proposals are the most ridiculous I have ever seen. They put communities with no connection to each other in the same ward, while at the same time splitting other communities. The Boundary Commission must tear them up and start again from scratch.

NOTE: Alan Reid's submission to the Boundary Commission follows.

These proposals are the most ridiculous I have ever seen from a Boundary Commission.

I objected last year to the cut in Councillors from 36 to 33. These proposals are the inevitable outcome of your decision to reject the advice of the then MP, one of the local constituency MSPs and the Council.

The proposed wards are far too big, split natural communities and put in the same ward communities with no connection to one other.

There are too many faults to list them all. I've picked out a few. I am sure that you have received many detailed objections from local people.

Kilmun Strachur and the Rosneath peninsula in the same ward.

Bridge of Orchy, Luing and Lochgilphead in the same ward.

Bute and parts of the mainland in the same ward.

Ardrishaig split from Lochgilphead and put in Kintyre and the Islands ward.

Moving parts of Helensburgh Central into Helensburgh & Lomond South and vice versa. This swap makes no sense. The existing clear boundary of the railway line makes far more sense than weaving among houses as proposed.

The only solution is to reverse last year's bad decision to reduce ward numbers and start again with 36 Councillors.

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