Cllr Ellen Morton Writes: Danny Alexander visits Argyll and Bute



I want to let you know how important today was for Argyll & Bute in terms of the Coastal Community Fund announcements and the visit to Rothesay by Danny Alexander and Alan Reid.

Argyll & Bute won over £2 million of grant funding for a range of projects ranging from the Submarine Museum in Helensburgh to the Picture Hall in Campbeltown to the Harbour in Tobermory to the Pavilion in Rothesay.

Of course the money is of enormous importance but it is the vote of confidence in this area that is even more important and the presence of the Chief Secretary to the Treasury was of great significance to us and very welcome.

We were even more grateful that Danny Alexander and Alan Reid took the time out of a particularly frenetic day to visit the Pavilion in Rothesay and see the details of the project for themselves. We realise that while this project is crucial for Argyll & Bute it scarcely weighs in the balance when the Greek crisis is upon us and that Danny has a major role in this given his key position in the Government.

Of course the Coastal Communities Fund was a brainchild of Danny's as a way to effectively deliver Crown Estate funds into our small coastal communities and we really benefitted from that Lib Dem initiative today. I am sure that Danny, as a Colonsay lad, must have taken great pleasure out of today's announcements.

As a Lib Dem Councillor I took particular pleasure in seeing how our party is still (despite all the prophets of doom) playing a key role in delivering for the Scottish economy and supporting our small communities.

As Depute Leader of Argyll & Bute Council I was delighted to see Danny and Alan in Rothesay on such an important day for us.

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