Dunoon in June - Superfast Broadband

Deployment of superfast broadband in Dunoon will definitely start in June despite contradictory information on the websites belonging to BT and Digital Scotland. Alan Reid MP was given that assurance by BT’s Director for Scotland, Brendan Dick, when Mr Reid questioned him in front of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee last week.

There has been a great deal of confusion about when Dunoon will get superfast broadband. This was due to BT and Digital Scotland both giving out incorrect information on their websites.

In response to questions from Mr Reid, Mr Dick assured the Committee that the first cabinets in Dunoon will go live in June. Mr Dick was not able to say what percentage of Dunoon will get superfast broadband during this first phase, but gave the example of Lerwick where 75-80% of the town was enabled for superfast broadband in the first phase.

In Dunoon, BT are also deploying an ethernet node which gives capability for bigger businesses to get even higher speeds.

After the hearing, Alan Reid said,

“The coming of superfast broadband in June will be a relief to the many people in Dunoon currently receiving very poor broadband speeds. When I challenged Mr Dick on the very poor speeds that some customers receive he said that BT has “been putting a lot of effort into it” and that customers with very poor broadband speeds should contact their communications provider.

“If, at the point of sale, your communication provider promised a certain broadband speed and failed to deliver this then you should complain to them and demand your money back.

“Despite the current frustratingly slow speeds, Argyll & Bute is on the brink of an internet revolution with very fast broadband thanks to the investment from the UK and Scottish Governments and BT.”

NOTE: Transcript of hearing available here.

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