Reid backs farmers union in call to extend RET to commercial vehicles

Alan Reid MP has given his full backing to the National Farmers’ Union Scotland (NFUS) call for the RET ferry fares scheme to be extended to commercial vehicles.
When the SNP changed their mind on this, it forced up costs for islanders and their businesses, Mr Reid said.
The Argyll and Bute MP agrees with the farmers' union that it would boost fragile island economies if the Road Equivalent Tariff (RET) was expanded to commercial vehicles and not just restricted to non-commercial traffic as it is at present.
"When RET was originally introduced it applied to commercial vehicles. In a scandalous U-turn, the SNP removed RET from commercial vehicles," said the LibDem MP.
"This has caused higher prices in island shops and higher charges for island businesses, making it harder for them to compete with those on the mainland. No wonder most of our islands are experiencing population decline. I call on the SNP to help our islands by extending RET to commercial vehicles."
NFUS has just made its submission to Transport Scotland on freight ferry fares calling for the SNP government to rethink its decision as the biggest benefit would be to the long-term viability of island economies.
"I fully support the NFUS in this move," said Mr Reid.

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