Halt decline in number of retained firefighters

Alan Reid MP is calling for the Scottish Government to halt the drop in numbers of retained firefighters across Scotland, and put all it can into a massive recruitment drive. "A constituency such as mine, here in Argyll and Bute, relies heavily on retained firefighters. These men and women play a vital role, alongside their full-time and volunteer colleagues, in keeping our communities safe," said Mr Reid, who has held the seat since 2001.

Statistics issued last week show that for the year 2013-2014 the total number of retained firefighters dropped from 2,940 to 2,665, a five per cent fall of 275, across Scotland.

During the same time the total number of full-time equivalent personnel in the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service suffered a similar five per cent drop when it fell from 8,125 to 7,690.

Mr Reid said: "Last year the Scottish Parliament was told that the fire and rescue service in Scotland was 'on its knees' and with this drop in firefighter numbers I don't see any sign of this vital service being helped back up onto its feet."

"The Scottish Government must put a major effort into a recruitment campaign and stem the tide.”

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