Reid calls for urgent action after Dalavich pensioners unable to lift pensions at post office for four weeks

Alan Reid MP for Argyll and Bute called on BT, Fujitsu and Post Office Ltd to get their act together and restore telecomms at the Post Office in Dalavich, where the pensioners in the Loch Awe-side village have been unable to collect their pensions for four weeks.
The village's Community Council asked Mr Reid to step in last week, after weeks of problems.
Post Office Ltd told Mr Reid that there have been numerous visits by engineers, both BT and Fujitsu, but unfortunately they haven't been able to resolve the problem. 
On Friday, Mark Gibson, from Post Office Ltd reported to the MP: "This has been given absolute priority status and there is another visit planned. The BT engineer visited February 5 and again couldn't find the fault. We have insisted that Fujitsu completely rebuild the router, this will eliminate any potential for a fault with the PO equipment. This new router should be installed today (February 6). We have also asked that both Fujitsu and BT visit the branch together. This will stop the to-ing and fro-ing."
BT and Fujitsu are supposed to be visiting the branch together today (Monday) in an effort to agree where the fault is and to solve it.
Mr Reid said,
“It’s a scandal that Dalavich pensioners have been without their pension for over four weeks. Post Office Ltd, BT and Fujitsu must get this problem sorted out during today’s visit.”

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