Government short changing NHS Highland

Alan Reid MP has criticised the SNP Government for short changing NHS Highland.

The Argyll and Bute MP said that on January 11 this year, the Scottish Government issued a statement which said that an additional tranche of funding would “bring all health boards to within one per cent of parity under the NHS funding formula (NRAC) a year earlier than planned".

But figures published last week show that NHS Highland is one of six health boards which have not been brought within one per cent of parity under the funding formula.

Mr Reid, who has represented Argyll and Bute for 14 years said: "In January, the Scottish Government said that all health boards would be brought within per cent of parity with their funding formula. They even boasted they were hitting their target a year early. Only weeks later, we learn now that more than half of the health boards, including NHS Highland, are still being short-changed.

"NHS Highland is being short-changed to the tune of £6.6m. This means that patients from Argyll & Bute suffer from less funding than those living in other parts of Scotland. There is no good excuse for the SNP Government failing to deliver what they promised only a month ago."


1.       On 11 January this year the Scottish Government stated the allocation of an additional £65m for 2015-16 would “bring all health boards to within one per cent of parity under the NHS funding formula, NRAC, a year earlier than planned.” (see: The publication of the NRAC stats makes clear they have failed to achieve that.

2.       The following Health Boards are below the 1% funding target of parity with the NRAC figures:

-          Grampian and Shetland Health Boards are 2% BELOW parity (a £ 17m shortfall for Grampian and £0.9m shortfall for Shetland

-          Lanarkshire is 1.6% below parity (a £16.6m shortfall)

-          Orkney and Forth Valley are  1.5% BELOW parity (£0.6m shortfall for Orkney, £7m shortfall for Forth Valley)

-          Highland and Lothian are 1.2% BELOW parity (£6.6m shortfall for Highland and £15.4m shortfall for Lothian

-          Fife is 1.1% BELOW parity (£6.2m shortfall)

3.       The NRAC targets for 2015-16 budget were published on 24 February. The actual budget allocations for 2015-16 were published by PQ by Shona Robison on 6 February.

4.       NRAC targets are a calculation of the share each health board should get on basis of statistical characteristics of the population.

5.       Working from SPICe showed the latest NRAC target shares and the allocations that these would imply in the table below.


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