Beware a National Identity Database by stealth!

Scotland is sleep-walking into a Big Brother state with ID cards and citizen surveillance, warns Alan Reid MP for Argyll and Bute.

"Amendments are currently being proposed to an existing piece of legislation, National Health Service Central Register (Scotland) Regulations 2006. That sounds all very mundane and hardly likely to catch anyone's attention, but what is being proposed is a national identity database by the backdoor; a stealth operation in state control by the SNP," said Mr Reid.

“This super ID data base would be based on NHS records; the amendments to the law would allow data on the register to be shared with other bodies and allow additional postcode information to be held.

"We have now a national single police authority; if you add a national citizens data base, it all starts to make Scotland look like a country in which Big Brother is watching over us.”

"People rebelled against the policy of allowing firearms officers to carry handguns with them at all times and that was scrapped. If more people were aware of just what the Scottish Government is thinking about with the national identity database there would be a similar outcry," said Mr Reid.

"The enlarged data base - if the SNP gets its way - would see over a hundred Scottish agencies and organisations have access to the system and our personal information. That is a step too far - would you want people snooping on you this way?"

Figures obtained by the LibDems through Freedom of Information laws show how vulnerable such a data base would be to sensitive personal information being lost or leaked; confidential papers have been lost in transit, sent to wrong addresses and wrongfully disclosed by Scottish Government staff.  Liberal Democrats have previously revealed figures which showed more than 700 incidents of data loss at health boards between 2009-2013 and 360 data loss incidents reported by councils in the same period.

"One of the first acts of the UK coalition Government was to abolish the previous Labour Government’s plans for ID cards and a national identity database. The SNP seem intent on introducing this in Scotland. I call on them to think again," said Mr Reid.

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