Telephone companies must improve their repair performances

Alan Reid MP for Argyll and Bute met with senior officials from Vodafone Ltd at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday and was briefed on the work restoring mobile phone service to Islay, Tiree and other parts of his constituency.Alan_Reid_on_the_phone.jpg
In an email follow up to the meeting Vodafone informed Mr Reid,
We’re working hard to get all the sites back up and running and are making progress. The two main areas on which we’re still working:
“Islay - we need extra engineering resource to attend and climb the site to conduct investigations – we’re pushing to get that sorted as soon as possible.
“Tiree and associated sites - BT engineers are due to attend one of the sites tomorrow, weather permitting and on the second site, BT engineers came to deal with the link fault but the site is still down so we’re looking into that urgently. On the third site, engineers are scheduled to attend over the weekend to address the ongoing performance issues – access to that site is restricted, so that is the earliest they can get to it.”
Repairs can often involve engineers from more than one company, Vodafone, BT and several others; Mr Reid has demanded a "more joined up" response from the companies.
Mr Reid said:
"I have received many requests for help from constituents starting with the lightning strikes on December 9. Both mobile and landline phone services have been affected.
“This has been one of the longest and most difficult periods of phone problems that constituents have endured in the 14 years I have been Member of Parliament for the area. British Telecom declared a state of MBORC - Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control - the storms and lightning strikes have been so bad.
"Telephone companies and those other companies involved in the repairs must improve their performance drastically or the Government and the regulator Ofcom should be imposing fines on them for poor performance.”

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