Brexit Fishing Reality falls well short of promises

Remember the closing stages of the Brexit negotiations? Boris Johnson pretended he was holding out to get the best deal for fishermen. In the end he agreed a deal that the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation described as “desperately poor” and “the worst of both worlds”.

Fishermen are restricted to catch fewer fish in most key species. Lorries carrying stocks that have been caught were left to sit at Larkhall – unable to penetrate the new fog of bureaucracy. Scottish fishermen are forced to land the fish they can catch in Denmark – grim news for Scottish fish processors.

Instead of trying to fix the problem, Tory Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg says the fish are happier to be British. Of course they are – the fishermen aren’t catching them.

The Tories must sort out this mess they have created. Our fishermen and fish processing workers deserve better than silly remarks about happy fish.

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